EV Charging Pod LLC

A Full Service Solution Provider for On-Grid and Off-Grid
EV Charging

Lowest operational costs in the industry, low carbon emissions, no strain on the grid!

Revenue-generating EV-charging capability
for fleet and commercial

Our on-grid and off-grid power solution is helping to solve the power grid issue by offering
a full-service solution for EV-charging.

The units run on:


Natural Gas/ Renewable Energy



They also can provide backup power, pushing electricity back to the grid or

surrounding facilities.

All Levels
of Charging

The PODS provide for all levels of charging — from level 1, which takes about eight hours for a 0 to 100 percent charge, up to level 3, which takes about 45 minutes.


Basic containers from an EV Charging POD provide 35 kilowatts for a trickle charge, while the biggest container can handle 10 megawatts of electricity for 30 fast charges.

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to achieving net zero emissions while providing top-notch charging solutions for our commercial and industrial clients. Our goal is to offer our clients innovative products and services that not only meet their charging needs but also help them generate revenue.

Economical Prices

Short Lead Times


Fast Charging


Stevan Bratic

Stevan Bratic, founder of Bratic Enterprises in Brighton, and co-founder and managing partner of the new EV Charging POD LLC, aims to help solve the power grid issue by offering a full-service solution for off-grid EV-charging.

Trade Allies

Technology Partners/Authorized Contractors/Authorized Dealers


EV Charging PODs, LLC can provide certificates upon request.

UL/ETL and Energy Star

Electrical certification

NEVI Approved Products

A federal guideline for meeting NEVI programs

Commercial general liability insurance

Coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims.

EV Charging Installation Federal Training

Provides training and certification for electricians installing electric vehicle supply equipment.

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Site Review

We will review the site and property management team and provide a custom quote for EV charging configuration.


We will install EV charging hardwares and activate the stations with rates specific to your property for electric and user profiles.


We will authorize and process payments and reimburse the property owner for electricity usage.

Maintenance Support

We will provide 24/7, ongoing support to our operations and maintenance team with a monthly subscription fee.

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