EV Charging Pod LLC

240V to 480V Power Conversion

50kW-150kW Ultrafast EV Charging. Any Charger. Any Network. No Three-Phase Required.

With our technology, you can build fast and reliable DC Fast Charging Stations quickly without being limited by the electric grid. With digital technology you can deploy ultrafast DC Chargers with single- phase. Eliminating the need for batteries or costly and time consuming infrastructure upgrades. The equipment delivers up to 150 kW of three-phase power from a single-phase source and can support multiple chargers and charging sessions simultaneously, and because it doesn’t rely on batteries, there is no limit to the number of vehicles it can charge.

Fast and Easy

Deploy your charging station 6X faster with little to no infrastructure upgrades a minimal permitting. Its unique design allows it to be redeployed effortlessly to new locations eliminating stranded assets and maximizing your investment.

Cost Effective

Reduce installation costs by avoiding electrical infrastructure upgrades. You can deploy our solution to mitigate peak demand and lower operating costs.

Any Network, Any Charger

This technology works with and DC fast charger and does not affect charger performance. It delivers continuous power to meet any charging demand from your station with no need to recharge an on-board battery.

Plug-and-Play and Automated

The Boost Battery Energy Storage System’s (BESS) on board energy management controller autonomously modulates the power output of the BESS, using it as a load following device to match the varying input of the DCFC power requirements while optimizing overall power supply. Lower power requirements are supplied directly from the EVCP 150 up to the limits of its capability reducing the power demand placed on the BESS.

Preliminary Specifications

  • NEMA 3R/lP54 Rated Enclosure
  • Maximum Boost AC Power 45kW
  • Energy Management System
  • Battery Management System
  • Battery Directionality Controller
  • Internal Delta/Wye Isolation Transformer
  • Thermal Management
  • Fire Suppression

Available Options

  • Remote monitoring
  • Extended warranty

Anticipated UL Regulatory Approvals

Equipment used in the Boost (including associated Canadian Standards Association requirements)

  • UL 9540 – Energy Storage System Requirements
  • UL 9540A – Energy Storage System Thermal Runway
  • UL 1741 – Inverters, Converts, Charge Controllers and Interconnection System
  • UL 1973 – Batteries for stationary Auxiliary Power Applications
  • Compliance with NFPA code requirements