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You have chosen an ideal time to consider an investment in solar energy.


The presence of Federal and State incentive programs, coupled with historically low installation and equipment pricing has driven solar adoption to record levels in the US.

The incentives available for your installation are limited and to assure receipt we recommend that you consider the proposal in a timely manner.

Utility Scale Ground Mount
Solar Projects

Solar Canopy / Carport Projects

Rooftop Solar Projects

Scope of Work

We will furnish all system components, construction materials, tools and equipment, installation labor and insurance coverage as agreed to by the parties and as specified in this proposal. All work completed will comply with the requirement set forth by all applicable codes, standards, local authorities, manufacturer instructions or recommendations, Uniform Building Code (UBC) NFPA-70, NEC, NFC, and OSHA safety requirements.

Preparatory Work:

  • Conduct detailed site assessment including inspection of site conditions, point of interconnection, & electric switchgear.

    • Design photovoltaic system in conformance with all building codes, standards, & manufacturer’s specifications.

    • Conduct geo-technical, civil, structural and electrical engineering analysis and report findings.

    • Arrange procurement and delivery of all project components and equipment.

    • Obtain required Governmental approvals.

    • Arrange pre-construction conference prior to commencement of on-site operations.


  • Prepare staging, installation and safety control area.

  • Install post driven mounting post supports

  • Install Racking system per project drawings and manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Install PV panels according to project drawings and manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Install DC to AC Inverter(s) according to project drawings and manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Install all required wiring and associated electrical equipment, including but not limited to wiring, fuses and combiner boxes.

  • Solar Monitoring System: Install with real-time data via Internet connection (provided by owner).

System Testing and Commissioning:

  • Provide as-built drawings.

  • Provide system start-up and commissioning testing including output and torque settings report for each module and all racking system attachment.

  • Provide operations manual.